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Twitter, The Gossip (13/04/16)


The ministers have now been confirmed by parliament, they've taken their oath of office and in fact so are already in offices and on official assignments abroad. One week they say, is a long time in politics. The kind of fuss made about the confirmation hearings in parliament was simply unbelievable. We have never seen something like that since this country announced its intention to be called a democracy in 1996.

So there are still people around who can be easily mobilised using the methods Siaka Stevens employed so effectively particularly in the early 70s? Sometimes we listen to young people complaining about being used and abandoned by politicians between one major political even and the other. Nobody should take any of these so-called youths seriously anymore as long as they always make themselves available to be treated as such at will by the same politicians.

What was all the noise about then? Look at all the money these people spent to organise, feed and unleash the poor and vulnerable on our streets. Normal work days were severely disrupted in the Central Business District with crowds and an already crazy traffic situation made worse. Even those proposed ministers not up for confirmation on one of those specific days, had their T-shirts on display on the sweaty bodies of young men and women who were high on cheap alcohol and maybe something else.

Such confirmation hearings are very serious matters in some countries. They talk about ideological positions and worldviews. In Sierra Leone, we take a short cut by throwing everything into partisan street dancing. The strangers among us should now understand why this country takes two steps forward and five steps backwards all the time. When we spend the whole day dancing over the outcome of a predictable parliamentary process, what should we expect?

There was never a doubt that all those nominated would be approved despite all the grandstanding in parliament. As far as we can remember only two people have been rejected by this parliament. They are JOURNALISTS.

Long Live Democracy!



Victoria Park which had been under lock and key for many years was flung wide open for Red Movement partisans who were mobilised by almost all of those people who were facing parliamentary confirmation. Bababode recently told a very pathetic story of how so-called investors came to this country, destroyed our park and by some strange legal logic carted away huge cash from our treasury.

The park now lies in ruins. Even the Royal Family in the UK would have nothing to do with it despite the obvious connection. Why would they do that?

Inside that park on that day, we saw food and booze and many dancers. In fact, access was totally unrestricted for the first time since those so-called investors from somewhere near the Caspian Sea abandoned whatever they were doing there and fled in haste.

We now need Bababode to be very clear with us on this question: If the following groups turned up at the doorstep of the City Council tomorrow asking to use the park, would it be made available to them as in the case of the RED MOVEMENT PEOPLE? We think that should be no problem because we are all Sierra Leoneans. What is good for the goose, is also good for the gander. Here we go:

Rastafarian Movement -We are now perilously close to the month of May and as usual, the 11th will be celebrated as Bob Marley night. This is normally a night of free - for - all marijuana smoking and those other things that follow such indulgence. Three years ago it was the turn of Saint John and the Brookfields areas to be absolutely terrorised on Bob Marley night. Victoria park will be a good venue this year. But there is nothing there to steal.

Pass Abortion Law Coalition - They would like to hold a meeting to plan their final push to get the Safe Abortion Law passed. They believe that at the constitutional referendum, the question would be rigged. They want it done now.

Dreg Man United - There are simply too many of their members around Freetown these days. As poverty grows, their ranks keep swelling and with house rent now being charged in dollars, the guys can't afford it.

They need somewhere to rest their heads. That's Victoria Park. They can pay a few leones as rent. FCC needs money to pay their huge debts. Great Deal!

Land Grabbers Development Organisation - These ones are very powerful. They have strong connections in the justice sector and the police. Their profession is now seriously under threat because there appears to be no more land in Freetown to steal. They need a meeting place to plan as they think about pushing into the regions. Plan very well guys because those who live outside Freetown are a different breed.

Sierra Leoneans for Donald Trump - Well on recent evidence, things are not looking good for Good Old Donald. He has so messed up by being brusque and inconsistent that a very right wing and boring senator is now fancying his chances to represent the GOP at the November election. This explains why his support group in Sierra Leone (by the way they are all Christian and they have nothing to do with Mexicans), needs to meet urgently. They want money and visas to travel to the US to help with the campaign along the East Coast. Good luck people. Would all of their return whether Trump wins or not?


We are used to having big arguments about proceeds from international matches at the national stadium. It goes as far back as the late 70s when the stadium came into use. So what's all this noise about people not accounting even as we write, for a match that took place towards the end of last month. Yes, we were expecting to hear something just after the match but in typical Sierra Leone style, let's just pretend there was no match and move on.

However, if we decide to be fussy about proceeds from matches - particularly international matches, let's outsource  the sale of tickets and the security of all entrances to the main bowl to any two of the following groups or a combination of two.

Black Street Boys - These guys are neighbours to the stadium. They've lived in that area for long and they understand how things are done in there. They are always ready to serve diligently as long as their fees are paid. If the SLFA needs recommendation, they should simply ask politicians in Freetown who have used the services of the Black Street Boys. They come highly recommended.

Abacha Women  - Well, let's be clear from the outset. These people cannot stand outside the stadium manning the gates - no way. All they can do is take control of the cash from ticket sales. That's their business. Give that job to them and within hours of a match ending, they will be ready to release figures.

We warn however that they should never be allowed to leave the stadium with any cash. Otherwise the next day they will be on the streets dancing for some politician. The money could then be easily stolen from their bags. They just can't stop dancing.

Friends of the Dead - We are still trying to figure out who they really are. We want to know how perfectly normal people would abandon their homes to go and live in a cemetery and call themselves Friends of the Dead. But we will not hesitate to put their names forward. They have a branch near the stadium. The guys know how to tackle difficult situations including doing the good job of robbing corpses and re-burying them in a matter of minutes. Go for them.

Benghazi Boys - These ones are not very well tried and tested in a security role. They can only perform in a back-up role. Before you deploy them, make sure you provide a huge amount of marijuana. That's what keeps them going. Remember also to deploy them around the presidential stand area where ministers pass. Benghazi boys know how to get money from ministers. We recommend you check out their performance at Youyi Building before you hire them.

Five O Generals - These ones are mostly found around Wilberforce and Lumley. They are normally friendly but can be extremely fierce. As with all of these groups, they are up for hire. See these ones at work securing grabbed lands. They are very professional. To get the best out of them, just tell them the stadium is about to be grabbed by people without tickets and wait for the result.

We hope we've been of some help here.

(C) Politico 13/06/16