Best wishes, West Africa

By Umaru Fofana

As the world grapples with job-creation for its rapidly growing population, win-win business policies should be the priority of any serious government. 

Economic activity was at the heart of the creation of ECOWAS by West African leaders. Two of the main priorities to achieving this have to be ease of movement and that of communication. 

Beyond the obvious: the challenges besetting statecraft in Sierra Leone

By Umaru Fofana 

In March 2016 Moijueh Kaikai and Mustapha Bai Attila were sacked as Sierra Leone's Minister and Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs respectively. It followed their involvement in a disgraceful, distasteful and disgusting public brawl of humiliating proportions. There was an outcry. But in a country of sensation and coverup, we let that pass. Without demanding that the allegations made in that public brouhaha be looked into, if only to ward off any such in the future. 

"A VERY BIG THANK YOU" - cripple woman's children to you all

By Umaru Fofana

Tuesday 25 October 2016: 

Good evening all ye Good Samaritans. We have just returned from Mile 91 to carry out a task a good many of you asked of me to do: coordinate the aftermath of the outpouring of grief after that video of Zainab Kamara - a cripple single mother of four - had gone viral and touched your hearts of gold.

Ebola’s double victims in Sierra Leone

By Umaru Fofana

I had a chance meeting with Mabinty Bangura. It was on the 4 April 2016. Ebola survivors were demonstrating between the office of the President (State House) and the iconic Cotton Tree. They were demonstrating against what they deemed as the government’s neglect of them and their plight. Most if not all of the protesters had recovered from the debilitating virus. Others had been orphaned or widowed by it. For some others it was a combination of at least two of those.